Our Programme

Children of the ages between 18 months and 6 years are extremely receptive. World Stars Kids Academy fun-filled programme makes the most of this by encouraging the children to understand and develop basic language skills while also developing social skills, gross and fine motor skills and creativity at the same time, through songs, music and imaginative play. At World Stars Kids Academy, we strongly believe that each child is a unique person and imbibes social, physical and intellectual behaviour over a period of time.

PLAYGROUP (ages 2 yrs and above)
Children at this age also begin to develop logical and reasoning intelligence for which they are equipped with puzzles, links, blocks and activities, allowing their curious minds to explore. A variety of fun areas, such as basketball, see-saw, swings, jungle gym, and jumpolin are provided to the children. Language skills are developed through story-telling, songs, rhymes and music.

NURSERY (ages 3 yrs and above)
This is an age where the child is curious, imaginative and constantly seeking to explore. The Nursery is divided into four areas: Language, Pre-math, Painting, and Blocks. The children learn through a combination of active and passive exercises as well as outdoor activities. Linguistic intelligence is further developed by the introduction of phonetics and their spoken English is improved.

JR. KINDERGARTEN (ages 4 yrs and above)
The Kindergarten curriculum is built around the child's everyday world. Concepts like family, environment, plants and animals are used to teach basic calculations. Story-telling, dramatics, songs, and picture talk are combined with phonetics and blending of words to improve their spoken English. Activity time and outdoor games are also part of the child's learning experience.

SR. KINDERGARTEN(ages 5 yrs and above)
The children learn how to write short paragraphs using complete sentences. The children also take part in events like elocution, quiz, dance and singing. More calculations and mathematics/logic activities are introduced in the Sr. K.G. When the children graduate from this class they are confident and ready for elementary school (Class I).

The mother-toddler program focuses on the child’s developmental milestones and develops parents as facilitators to create a secure learning environment. The program focuses on language, logical, motor and social emotional areas of growth in the toddler. Various sensory, indoor, outdoor, story & rhyme based activities help the parent and child to learn, grow and share quality time together. The program is best suited for toddlers 9 - 18 months.

The teachers training institute provides hands-on training in various teaching methods (Montessori, Regio-Emelia, Multiple Intelligences etc.) and their best practices. The training involves learning the science and art of teaching pre-schoolers effectively. The comprehensive curriculum is suited for freshers as well as experienced teachers. The trainees learn through class observation at Toddlers’ nursery centres as well as interactive sessions conducted by the training faculty. The program is focused at making the candidate an efficient, effective and confident teacher.


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